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  • Cusp



    This was hard to watch. Literally every guy in this -- except for Autumn's dad -- is gross as hell!!!!

    Even though the girls' stories are not something I can relate to (my idea of a party in my teenage years involved pizza and Guitar Hero in my friend's basement, not Buds and bongs around a bonfire), the feelings that the directors do such a great job of showcasing are definitely ones that every teenage girl has gone through at some point in their lives.

    Visually the film is gorgeous and the soundtrack is very fitting.

  • Son of Saul

    Son of Saul


    No words, just awe.

    Excellent story, cinematography, and performance by Géza Röhrig. It's hard to believe that this is László Nemes's debut film, especially one shot on 35mm (long live film!). The camera angles and techniques were used in such a way that I felt as though I were right alongside the members of the Sonderkommando, and Matthieu Taponier's brilliant editing also deserves some praise.