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  • Anna Karenina

    Anna Karenina

    an unnecessary prequel to ex machina

  • L.A. Story

    L.A. Story


    woody harrelson popping up for a 12 second appearance wearing neon green shorts and eating a lollipop only to vanish until halfway thru the movie for another 12 second appearance where he's wearing a shirt that says β€œking” is my love language

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  • Gaza Fights for Freedom

    Gaza Fights for Freedom


    Required viewing for every single human being.

    Having an indifferent attitude about world affairs is a revolting quality to me. I'm obviously biased but this indifference is especially revolting in regards to the Middle East, particularly in our current political climate. Shrugging off problems that don't directly concern or affect you just makes you complicit at this point. The ongoing demonization of Arabs, namely Arab Muslims, is aided and fueled by consistent propaganda. When you ignore it, it only continues…

  • Family Romance, LLC

    Family Romance, LLC


    tag yourself i’m the robot fish swimming into the tank wall over and over

    If a body was breathing, would anyone be able to notice?
    (laughs) That doesn’t usually happen. Recently, people have been seeking the experience of being dead without dying. It’s almost becoming a trend.
    Would you be able to see someone crying in here?
    Deep in there, your emotions would be hidden.
    (looking into the empty coffin) Is it possible to get inside?
    Please take off your…