Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

Easy peasy, japanesey. 

Zack Snyder returns to the genre which started his career and he’s actually adding to the zombie genre, a heist film. Snyder is acting as cinematographer too so there’s a lot of closeups which reminded me of the epilogue in ZSJL, I’m not really a fan of how it looks in this and ZSJL. On the other hand it’s shot with 8K cameras so it looks like you’re in the film yourself and you can see every spot, sweat and wrinkle on the cast, it’s insane. The prologue was good you see how the zombie apocalypse starts in Vegas, much like Watchmen it’s a montage! It’s funny and introduces the team in a nice way. Nice transition after the prologue. I wasn’t expecting this to be quite grown up, there’s sexual references, nudity and a lot of blood, it’s so gory and awesome! 

I like how this is contained in Las Vegas too, they managed to keep the zombie apocalypse contained. I was getting Suicide Squad vibes from this since it actually is a suicide mission, they have to build a team, recruit everyone to then start the mission and try to survive, Snyder for Suicide Squad 3 anyone? Additionally I was getting childhood memories back to Dead Rising 2 since that’s also a zombie story with Las Vegas as the location. It did feel like a video game film so I can see why people say that. 

Hiroyuki Sanada is in this woo (The Wolverine, Mortal Kombat) Theo Rossi pops up (Sons of anarchy, Luke Cage) and Omari Hardwick (Power) a lot of good actors. There’s also Samantha Win (an amazonian from WW and one of General Zod’s soldiers from MOS in the main cast the one who tries to shoot Lois Lane in Zod’s ship) I like how diverse the team is, it’s Snyder’s most diverse cast of actors yet, so many nationalities. I felt everyone was good and served their purpose well.Samantha Win, Ana de la Reguera, Bautista were good in this; I wasn’t expecting some emotional moments. 

A lot of songs I like are redone for this, I thought only some of them worked. There were a couple of moments where characters had unlimited amounts of ammo.  It’s quite seamless how Snyder replaced the actor who was accused of allegations with Tig Notaro via a greenscreen and only her on set. The makeup and VFX department really have outdone themselves on a 90 million dollar budget, the zombies didn’t look cheap but they also didn’t look too zombified, it was more of a simplistic approach. The VFX on the zombie tiger was good. There were a couple of zombies that had more detail than others. The alpha zombie Zeus I thought was cool, since he’s the first zombie he’s actually the smartest and I liked that. It’s really well paced considering the characters don’t enter Vegas until a while in.

Overall, I thought this was a blast and a fun time indeed, it’s a fresh entry in the Zombie genre I would definitely rewatch this. Snyder achieved a lot with a budget of 90 million and I was so impressed with how he digitally removed an actor, shows how far he’s come as a director. I do think ZSJL is better, I need to rewatch Snyder’s Dawn of the dead since I’ve not seen that in forever. I’m looking forward to the spin off prequel Army Of Thieves and anime show. Army of the Dead has been left open for a sequel. 

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Fun fact: This is Zack Snyder's first digtially shot film. He did use digital cameras for the Knightmare epilogue in Zack Snyder's Justice League but that was due to COVID-19 concerns.

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