Udaan ★★★★½

A powerful coming of age drama. A teenager gets expelled from school for misconduct and is now forced to live with his abusive father who wants him to become an engineer. What will happen if a rebel is forced to stay with a strict and oppressive father? This film tries to find the answers. Each and every character is well written. I personally found that the character of the father to be more complex than others in this movie. The reason is that at one point in the film he apologizes to his son for beating him and the next thing he says really shattered all the things i had imagined him to be. On the other hand I was able to relate to Rohan (The Son) easily. Some of the things he does will surely make you smile and remind you of similar things that you have done. I honestly couldn't believe that this was his debut. He carries the film on his shoulder effortlessly like a pro. Even the small characters were done so well. I'm not saying that this film is without flaws, but they can be ignored in order to enjoy this beautiful film.

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