Black Swan

Black Swan ★★★★

"Watch the way she moves. Imprecise, but...effortless. She's not faking it."

This is my second Aronofsky film, and since the first was Requiem my expectations were quite high (Also, my sister kept hyping it up, so, yeah). I think that even though Requiem still feels more powerful to me personally, Black Swan is a great film and it didn't disappoint me at all.

Black Swan tells the story of Nina, a ballet dancer. As she's casted to dance the Swan Queen in Swan Lake (and the black swan too), the film dives deep into here psyche, showing us her own white swan and black swan.

I don't really take any issue with this film - not on a technical level, and not on the plot level. Aronofsky puts tons of thought behind each scene, each shot, and you can definitely tell. Especially on rewatch.

So, yeah, let's praise this film a little bit. Natalie Portman's acting is amazing, she's definitely a perfect casting to play Nina. I love how surreal this film gets, gradually more and more as we're getting closer to the final act, which actually reminded me of Requiem a little bit - this film feels like a musical piece, building and building until we get to a massive, awesome crescendo. I like how Swan Lake's music is present throughout the entire film, in different variations, and the clever ways in which Aronofsky ties Nina's life to the plot of Swan Lake, and the role that she dances. Everything is just on point here. Especially the final act and the ending which are both phenomenal.

To sum it up (I know that it's a short review, but I truly can't say everything I have about this film without spoiling anything), I think that this film is extremely clever, powerful and creative. It's a great one, and it's truly worth your time. Feeling an 8.8/10 on this one.