Coco ★★★

Coco! Another widely loved Pixar film, and that's the first time I've watched it, tbh.

So, the story goes on like this - Miguel, a young Mexican boy, is part of a family of shoemakers. His family hates music, since music made Miguel's great great grandpa leave the house and abandon the family. One thing leads to another (spoiler territory here), but eventually Miguel finds himself in the land of the dead, during the Mexican day of the dead. He goes on a journey to get back to the land of living - if he won't succeed in doing so before sunrise, he'll stay dead permanently.

I didn't have high expectations, and this film really didn't blow me away. But I did have good time watching it :)

The aesthetic of everything, especially in the land of the dead, feels quite unique and colorful, and I kinda dig the vibe that Pixar created there (though they could've done it better and take the concept further, imo). They also use so many everyone-being-dead-related puns, and most of the time it works quite well. This film just has a cute, fun energy to it, so, yeah. I also think that some emotional moments here were quite effective, especially towards the ending of the film.

As for things that I didn't really like - the characters feel quite shallow. I mean, they're simple, and they work in the context of the plot, but I didn't really feel any depth or any special connection to a character in this film. The plot was also kinda cheesy at points and predictable most of the time, not in a terrible way but still in a noticeable one.

And that's it, I guess. Didn't have a whole lot to say it. This film is simple, generally fun, though cheesy at times and feels kinda forced in a way, you know? Like, it doesn't have the creative flow of some other Pixar films, but still, pretty solid. I'm feeling a 6.7 on this one.