Oldboy ★★★★

John Wick, but so much better (sorry, had to say it XD).

Oldboy is a manga-based South Korean thriller, that tells the story of Oh-Dae-Su (meaning "just trying to get through the day"), a pretty normal buisness man who gets kidnapped one rainy day without any context. Not knowing who or why, he spends 15 harsh years imprisoned, until one day he's set free - again, not knowing anything. He tries to find out the who and why, and that's all I can say without spoiling it.

I've watched this film twice this week, the first time was my first time watching it, and holy F. This film had me shocked so many times that it's actually impressive.
The plot is very interesting and captivating - the viewer, just like Oh Dae Su, is kept in the shadows, and the amount of curiousity this film is able to induce is quite big. Especially the final act - it's phenomenal imo, and it concludes the film in the best way possible.
The score is a little weird at times, but most of the time it's cool and fitting, and very well-made.
Talking about well-made, this film is, too, really well made. The cinematography is pretty good (and unique) and quite trippy from time to time, the acting is on point with almost every character.
I like this film's take on vengeance (Oldboy is one of a trilogy of vengeance themes films), how it affects one's life and psyche.
I think that the tone of Oldboy is cool, too, and I like how this kind of movie still has a lot of genuinely funny moments.

I don't think that I have any significant negative opinion about Oldboy. If I had to find at least one thing, I'd say that right now it seems to me like this film doesn't have much of rewatch value. The thrill isn't as present on a rewatch, and this film isn't extremely complicated, in my eyes at least, so a rewatch won't be as fun is it is with some other films. Though, maybe I'll think otherwise in some time, after I let the film sink in.

Overall, I really liked Oldboy. Interesting concept, extremely captivating story, phenomenal final act. Make sure your first time watching it is without interference, and in the best conditions you can. I'm feeling an 8.6/10 here.