Hereditary ★★½

Modern horror, you know the kind, where real or average situations suddenly reveal dark, dark undercurrents like how your friends actually want to sacrifice you to some obscure deity, or your family is not just a mixed bag of nuts, but a tragedy of Pompeian proportions waiting for that little click of fate to trigger complete devastation, is about as frightening as a Looney Tune. At least Looney Tunes made me laugh, but this just made me roll my eyes and check my watch. I guess, to put it mildly, I'm not a fan of Ari Aster's style of slow build that leads to a positively lunatic final act. The acting is all fine, and the sense of dread builds well, but then the issues that are underlying in the characters are only resolved by an outside force that comes right out of left field and leads to a bat-shit crazy, completely off the rails ending that we're supposed to be stunned by. Not stunned, not frightened, just disappointed. Judging from all the positive reviews, I'm a member of a small group of cranky naysayers that were not moved, so check it out; it might work for you.

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