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  • First Man

    First Man

    dull and gloomy, uninspired and without swerve, Chazelle might have gotten into the treadmill of the studio production process. maybe it's his toll for having free hands for La La Land?

    in fact, this stale biopic felt like been done by a very old white man - if someone would tell me Rob Reiner, Robert Zemeckis or Steven Spielberg would be the director, I would easily believe that. more than once I was about to walk out, and just stayed…

  • Driving Miss Daisy

    Driving Miss Daisy


    the prototype of hollywoods whitewashed vanilla entertainment. the film focuses on the cute and Inoffensive relationship of the two leads while using heavy themes as racism and antisemitism as colorful background.

    everything, that could be disturbing is either only told by words (images could be too unsettling) or insinuated (the cop scene, the only time anyway, that someone "vile" is in the picture). by leaving the obvious, the violent, the evil out of the frames, this actually becomes hypocrite and…

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  • Miracle Mile

    Miracle Mile


    hopelessly dated in the late 80s, basically done right around the last possible pitstop moment in (film) history, and wrongfully forgotten over this - Miracle Mile could actually easily have been an hidden gem out of the hands of early Scorsese or young Spielberg. Edwards and de Jarnatt though are equally forgotten names in our collective (un)conscious, just as those times of madness and the looming end of the the world.

    this existentialistic romcom thriller works just as fine nowadays,…

  • Ain't Them Bodies Saints

    Ain't Them Bodies Saints


    essentially being a free-floating remake of Terrence Malicks early works - Badlands, and/or rather Days of Heaven - this is a handsome genre homage to the US american south.

    meandering and maundering for most of its runtime, you're invited to just lay back and enjoy the beauty while not expecting more than the sweet voices swirling those texan accents into the shimmering southward air, accentuated by musical nostalgia and picture-perfect images. the ending then makes the ride stirringly worthwhile.


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  • Soul



    Pixar following their recent approach of Coco and Inside Out to tell a deeply existential tale about heavy topics such as the acceptance of death or the lack of motor to go through this mess called life, while popping cherry lollipops in style and entertaining a joie de vivre on the surface, and slowly bringing both together.

    it's a zest for life while not being in denial about all of its flaws. a serious endeavor which is nonetheless brimming over…

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

    A Nightmare on Elm Street


    32 years old high school teenagers are dying to meet Freddy while falling asleep during a funeral or taking a swim in a fully loaded pool. okay.

    half a star plus for having the amazing idea to give Jackie Earle Haley the role of the iconic burnt toast in red and green stripes, but than a whole star minus for the travesty of this over the top make-up, the spinelessly written one-liners and the awfully distorted horror voice, that makes Haley essentially a cheap shot monster out of the CGI toolbox for amateurs.

    I guess Rooney Mara was crying for real.