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  • Infinite


    It's truly scary how much Chiwetel Ejiofor committed here.

    The precinct car chase almost tricked me into having a good time with this.

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    More of the same, which in my eyes is still a home run. Appropriately more understated and trudgingly low-key than the first film even as Krasinski finds grander momentum in a more spread-out environment this time around. All the set-pieces feel equally compact and evenly cut with razor-sharp precision/economy so bloody intuitive that it nearly upends the base 'sound is danger' concept as the real gimmick here. Not sure if I love that but it does make this sustainably exciting,…

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  • Cruella



    Style is substance, darling.
    As a firm, life-long believer in Emma Stone supremacy, of course I'm on board with all the indulgent schtick that let her get into these wicked punk/glam outfits and spew Queen's English like a cartoon naughtily bouncing around in an Best Actress nomination reel.
    I fucking loved those obvious needle drops too and their abundance. Come on, a scene just hits different when you know all the lines to what's blasting off behind you.
    Oh and…

  • The Sky Is Pink

    The Sky Is Pink


    Pampers its narrative with your average Bollywood fluff to multiple points where it feels so reduced to mere multiplex outing. And I was sad at times, because its storytelling time frames were achingly textured, and it always seemed marred by a teenager cancer-comedy direction (the voice narration had me like ughh). It tries too hard to be a tragi-com. Humour should be organic in a tragi-com, not an interruption to melancholy.

    But then 'The Sky is Pink' slowly won me…