Antichrist ★★½

Antichrist is not so much horrifying as much as alternatively interesting and repulsive. An unbelievably well made film, the visuals on par with Melancholia and directed with the artistic sensibilities we've come to expect of Lars von Trier. Contrasting this beauty is a menacing ugliness that makes something as innocent as grass seem terrifying. There's always this duality. Many themes are repeated in different forms throughout the film, as well as images and shapes to create foreboding dread and foreshadowing. I guess the point is that men can never understand the pain a woman feels when she's lost a child, but it really just seems like Lars despises the opposite sex. This is literally just Lars working through his depression and while I think that's great, the fact that he doesn't have anything to actually say here shines more brightly than the hopelessly bleak film itself, resulting in the vanity and inanity that is so much of the end result.

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