La La Land ★★★★★

From the opening number that is a traffic jam to show that everyone is so starry-eyed and excited to be in "La La Land" that even sitting in traffic is exciting; to the first party scene demonstrating that, apart from looking to be found by someone in the crowd, Mia is the only one in her circle of people who has a personality and identity apart from said crowd; to the Waste Of A Lovely Night dance where Mia and Sebastian are dancing to jazzed up music behind lyrics that are essentially spelling out their incompatibility, this is a musical that is able to transcend its own format and act as both a romanticization of the passion for greatness and the city of LA as well as an overwhelmingly heartbreaking reality that this very strivance towards personal success may entail sacrifices. This is perhaps the longest sentence I've ever written.

I recently drank an an ungodly amount of caffeine and then joined Ethan as a guest on his podcast Cineflek along with Sophie and we ranted and raved about this movie for a bit. If u wanna hear our thoughts check it out wherever podcasts can be listened to. Click this link to Apple Podcasts or this one for Spotify. We had a lot of fun, I hope u enjoy!

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