Meet the Programmer: Dustin Kaspar

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Meet our talented team of programmers – the people who work and watch movies all year long to curate the best films possible for the Seattle International Film Festival, celebrating its 47th year from April 8 to 18, 2021. Full program info

What are your 10 favorite films ever?
10 Films from past SIFF Festivals that I cherish (and are available on streaming):
A Lot Like You  (Eliaichi Kimaro, 2011)
Alamar (Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio, 2009)
B For Boy (Chika Anadu, 2013)
Becoming Who I Was (Moon Chang-yong / Jeon Jin, 2017)
Bilal's Stand (Sultan Sharrief, 2010)
Bound: Africans vs. African Americans (Peres Owino, 2014)
Harana (Benito Bautista, 2012)
I Am Not a Witch (Rungano Nyoni, 2017)
Supa Modo (Likarion Wainaina, 2018)
Waru (13 directors, 2017)

What is one of your favorite festival moments?
Following the Egyptian screening of I Am Big Bird with Caroll Spinney in attendance for Q&A, my partner and I were invited to dinner. It was the very definition of a night that you wished would never end as Caroll and his glorious wife Deb held court regaling us with stories about decades on Sesame Street and their myriad of adventures. I often revisit the short video of highlights from that afternoon's Q+A and it reminds me of the warm, enveloping hug that was being their presence. Watch HERE.

What is your guilty pleasure film?
Renny Harlin's Deep Blue Sea. Far too often it is just what a late night desires.

What's one thing we should know about you that is NOT film related?
My college degree is in Choral Music Education and was a HS/MS Choir Director for several years.

What do you consider your hometown?
Wilmette, IL