Widows ★★★★½

I really want to see it again (without a distracting audience if possible). I love heist movies, and this is a great one. A few quick thoughts:

1. I love the way this weaves a socio-political-economic story into this film. There are so many threads and it feels so good when they inevitably get pulled into a single image.
2. I don't care if there are "plot holes" because I found every beat pretty satisfying.
3. I love these characters. The way the film emphasizes how invisible women can be, especially in crime and politics but since we come to know them, we are never surprised by their success.
4. I also love the way it uses one of the cast members against our own expectations of the type of character they typically play. I was very taken with this twist.
5. The one loose end is the Daniel Kaluuya character. Other than bringing a heightened level of violence, I don't see what he added to the story.

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