His Girl Friday ★★★★★


His Girl Friday often is so dedicated to its chaotic rhythms that I forget its acidic mechanics still have a heart and soul to them. Many find this to be a comedy, and it is indeed very funny, but often at the displeasure of the characters. The catharsis grows potent as the dialogue spins us in circles. Howard Hawks was the type of filmmaker to playfully build to a moment of such sly ingenuity that it turns back around and becomes moving and affecting in retrospect (think of the ending of Only Angels Have Wings, which remains firm as the greatest conclusion in cinema history), and His Girl Friday is accustomed to this but never to the point of slowing down the volatile energy. It feels disingenuous to say this feels "modern", as nothing recently is in the same stratosphere to His Girl Friday, but it's also a killer introduction to the very obvious fact that classic movies are great!

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