Red Rocket

Red Rocket ★★★★½

Crazy entertaining, on a whole other level than Baker's previous two (no offense). And where has this Simon Rex guy been hiding? What a fucking find he is. Half Dominic West, half Jim Varney, with a dash of Belmondo charm. His performance is just watchable AF. You never want to take your eyes off him, even as he compulsively bullshits and tries to con everyone around him for two hours. And when he goes to The Donut Hole and meets Strawberry for the first time, you just fall for her along with him, even as is it's unclear whether his eyes are lighting up with pink hearts or green dollar signs. Can anyone in this world even tell the difference, anyway? The overt T*ump parallels were probably unnecessary but worked well. I laughed out loud multiple times, it's fucking sexy, and top marks for excellent use of zoom lenses.