Citizen Ruth ★★★½

As someone who’s grown weary of Hollywood’s distractingly pointed leftist messaging, it’s refreshing to see a film like Citizen Ruth equally (...I think) satirize both sides of an increasingly inflammatory moral issue. Bound to offend nearly everyone—pro-lifer’s are gun-toting, bible-thumping, obnoxiously earnest, self-righteous bimbos; pro-choicer’s are moon-worshiping, incognito-attempting, smugly feminist lesbians—the film then makes the gutsy play of having an unlikable, selfish, drug-addicted, shamelessly opportunistic woman as the figure being played tug-of-war with. It’s also the kind of witty, low-budget comedy that streaming and franchises seem to have killed off over the past decade. Burt Reynolds and Tippi Hedren as iconic figures of the opposing movements are especially perfect casting.

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