Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 ½

“How do you make a movie over two hours long and not even accidentally have it be about something?” 

Un-fucking-bearable. I cannot even theoretically imagine why any living breathing human being would tolerate this, let alone like it. I would feel ashamed if my name was in the credits. It’s not like I expected Shakespeare, but this shit made me want to find a bottle of scotch and a handgun. The worst screenplay in a major motion picture since... fuck I dunno, Catwoman? God FUCK this stupid ass movie. And fuck them for using the music from Sunshine. Also just has a completely incoherent theme and tone, fucking reprehensible* morals, and a worse third act than the first one.

*Love when a superhero movie’s message is that you should accept the status quo and not wish for things to be better? Are you fucking kidding me? And the shit they do with the villain being an abuse victim is GROSS as FUCK. VILE. Fuck off.

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