Candyman ★★★★

E V E R Y T H I N G stated in my initial review still applies.

Still great. Still expertly directed. Still a brilliant recontextualization of the original lore by Black creators to bless us with a "hood bogeyman" imbued with, empowered by, and manifested via collective generational trauma - Candyman is given life through countless years of unaddressed anti-black anguish, distress, and injustice.

Also, Candyman's theme song was so on-point - it's both haunting and melodic. Lastly, I love the creativity that went into the storytelling via shadow puppet animations, especially the animations that unfold during the credits that retell and connect the generational trauma of specific horrifiying, more notorious anti-black instances in history, like the plight of George Stinny and Emmett Till, our innocent children.

It's this legacy of compounded, copious Black tribulations, tears, and blood that birthed a vengeful ghoulish entity - a literal "product of its environment."

This is FUBU and I fucking love and appreciate the hell out of it! (I may go back to see it a 3rd time!)

🌟 🌟 Added to my Favorite Horror Films list 🌟 🌟

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