The Talk of the Town ★★★½

A fine comedy with a great deal of dramatic irony. With a movie like this, it's more about the acting and storytelling rather than style.

It's a story about doing the right thing, putting aside your principles, and defeating a corrupt legal system and businessmen. My only problem with the narrative is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. The story revolves around a factory being burnt down with a foreman inside. The factory owner frames Cary Grant's character, but when you watch the film and see the twist, it's not that surprising or well-thought out. A simple investigation would have undone the factory owner's evil plan. Speaking of which, when you get to that point in the film, the last twenty minutes just feel rushed.

The acting is fine. Cary Grant plays Cary Grant. Jean Arthur, famously known to hate acting, is charming. And Ronald Colman pulls it off as a cultured, well-educated professor of law. Colman's performance is the only one I have an issue with. At the end of the film, the story calls his character to be heroic, but the way Colman portrays this heroic moment is underwhelming, mainly because of his delivery. It needs to have a great deal of gusto and bravura; instead, he comes off as plain.

It's still a fun film to watch. Stevens knew how to direct comedy so well. Just look at the blocking and editing. 👌🏻

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