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  • Game 6

    Game 6


    Self-indulgent and dull, and I didn’t enjoy it but OH MY GOD BEBE NEUWIRTH HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK THE LINGERE THE HAIR SHES SO SEXY WHAT THE FUCK they didnt have to do me like this THEY DIDNT HAVE TO THROTTLE ME SO COMPLETELY WOTH THAT LOOK I WAS IN THE DESERT BEFORE THAT SCENE AND NOW I AM A WOMAN DROWNING bebe how could you do this to me I have no defences this has psychically affected me in ways I can’t even conceive of HOLY SHIT

  • My Sister Eileen

    My Sister Eileen


    Look, I’m not saying the dancing wasn’t good; I’m sure it was very good. I’m just saying that I have adhd and I love Jack Lemmon so I never had a hope of ever seeing the dancing

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  • Post Grad

    Post Grad


    Made me so mad I applied for like ten jobs while I watched. Don’t watch if you’re an unemployed English major, will make you furious.

  • Stanley & Iris

    Stanley & Iris


    WARNING: This film is TOO tender and I am TOO soft