Crawl ★★★½

I thought my dad was complaining when he said this looks like playstation, but then I realised he was not complaining about it looking like playstation which was a real nice bonding thing for us. I didn't know he liked things that look like playstation, or I would've watched more playstation looking movies with him when we lived together. Then again, Crawl is basically a Rapidshare era 5 weeklies for $5 DVD rental deal period piece that authentically uses the same tone and technologies as back then, so maybe we watched plenty of playstation looking movies and Crawl just kind of evoked them all. I hope that's the case, and I won't ask him in case it's not. This is very much the one you watch on Tuesday, it has a Tuesday feeling to it. Aja understands space well, and has a way of convincing actors what they are doing is worth believing in and breaking bones for. Which, of course it is. We need Tuesdays, they help the week go around.

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