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  • Tenet



    Probably I’m overvaluing this with a higher rating than I would “objectively” mark but I’ll let the rating represent the fun, awe and entertainment I experienced watching unravel this gorgeous 70mm feature and how I appreciate the work in balancing such a complex and original narrative without forgetting the scope and craft in practical effects.

    Then again, this written review will serve to show why I think WB’s latest tentpole is Nolan’s most ambitious film, even for himself, feeling emotionally…

  • Normal People

    Normal People


    I’m emotionally wrecked

    The true depiction of how you should find someone to ease the burden, but not let them carry it for you.

    I’ve learned (un)fortunately during the past few months you’re not able, no matter how much you want it (or struggle with), to save anyone, sometimes not even yourself, but you can find light in other people to dwell with life (and it’s intrinsic dilemmas) and try to strive for happiness.

    And that’s how Hulu’s Normal People…