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  • The Legend of the Holy Drinker

    The Legend of the Holy Drinker


    I love stories that start off with an overt fable. It turns me on in the best ways. 

    This is a lyrical movie and it never ever wants to be anything else. A movie you’re either gonna let wash over you or one you’ll drown in from boredom. 

    I was swept away. Hauer was amazing, this may be my favorite performance by him. The use of music (and allowing a scene to continue until a piece of music ends is…

  • Fat City

    Fat City


    Susan Tyrrell’s voice is the most pleasant thing ever. 

    Fat City does such an expert job of unfolding character development and exposition while being so entertaining that I could hardly stand it. Like a novel, Houston was not scared to let the characters be interesting in and of themselves while all plot points take a back seat. By the end everything comes together and we’re sad that the movie has to end.

    All these actors are so incredible, but they…

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    “She’s someone. She’s from somewhere, I’m certain of it.”

    Look at me starting this with a quote and then an alternate title. 

    Another Charlie Kauffman Subjective Perception Perceptive Subjection Movie

    Also I’m sort of totally into Kaufman so I knew I would probably love this film. I’m not sure how objective my subjective self can be when it comes to the objective way this movie subjectively works on me.

    What other movie takes a speech from a dumb movie and…

  • Soul



    1st - Erykah (On and On) Badu for forever!

    2nd - This animation is AMAZING!

    3rd - The biggest suspension of disbelief for me in this movie was the fact that if you have an overly critical/cold mother you can just lotically explain yourself and she’ll take in what you said and adjust her worldview to be a more caring and supportive mother. Because, it isn’t logic that makes her such a person and if you do try and confront…