Blindspotting ★★★½

“Why he need to be bilingual. He already biracial”

This movie had me cracking up, to being left in suspense, to rolling my eyes so hard they were about to fall out my head. 
The two leads performances and chemistry 
Comedy (one of the best this year)
The message (up to a point) 
The opening and the storytelling scene was my favorite 

My Beefs With It 
The message had the subtleness of a fucking elephant 
The ending was corny
The rapping got annoying 
The kid bothered me
And the tone was all over the place. One minute it’s funny then it’s super serious and then it goes just plain goofy 

I loved the comedy. Appreciated the message, but didn’t like the bruises it left me... Y’know, from the—the—it beating me over the head—thing. 
*sigh*... whatever.