• Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island


    I saw the unrated version, there was more on screen violence but nothing really gory. The concept was clever but the twists were ridiculous and it was all over the place. The only thing I really liked was the ending where Tattoo was conceived, 'so to speak'.

  • Come to Daddy

    Come to Daddy


    Come To Daddy has a great cast. All of the characters are colorful, some are downright insane. The dialogue is at times hilarious which is apropos seeing as the tone of the film is tongue and cheek.
    There are a few extremely brutal scenes, which pumps life into it's horror cred.

    Stephen McHattie is always a stand out for me, no different here. I wasn't blown away but I was entertained. Elijah Wood is becoming quite the little scream king. I recommend it to lovers of bat shit crazy, horror comedy films.

  • Midsommar



    It has it's shocking moments but basically it's.... Style Over Substance!

  • The Banana Splits Movie

    The Banana Splits Movie


    (The Banana Splits Movie) Is a blast! It's darkly humorous yet chilling at times because we're use to seeing these Saturday morning characters being silly and nice.
    The main characters are nicely realized for this type of film and you care about some of them so it makes the viewing experience more rewarding. The gore is plentiful and well done with some creative death scenes.

    It's a very enjoyable slasher movie experience that I recommend and It's definitely original.

  • Awaiting



    I really enjoyed this film! It had good acting, a great cast and an extremely insane premise. It starts out kind of slow and builds some character development but then it gets very gory and interesting. There are some very strange scenes and plot points that are never really explained. It all came together cohesively.

    The gore was very well done and graphic. I didn't expect this kind of gore from what I thought was just a psychological thriller, but it's here. I would definitely watch it again.

  • Candy Corn

    Candy Corn


    I loved the atmosphere of this movie, it's very effective in bringing out the Halloween spirit and makes you almost feel a nice fall chill in the air! The killer was creepy enough and of course what horror fan doesn't love (Tony Todd) (PJ Soles) and (Courtney Gains). Actually most of the actors did pretty well.

    The story is a tale of revenge in which a mentally impaired man is killed by some punks at the carnival he works at.…

  • Haunt



    Haunt was the best slasher \horror film I've seen so far this year! Not only are the kills creative and well done but it's actually frightening and that rarely happens in a slasher flick!

    The actors who play the Devil, the WItch the Clown and the Ghost are really creepy, there's also a twist, actually more of a revelation that sets this film apart from any other of it's kind.

    I was especially creeped out and impressed by (Damian Maffei)…

  • Crawl



    An entertaining, adrenaline filled, thrill ride of a movie with scales!

  • Greta



    Greta is an engaging thriller about the lengths someone lonely and disturbed will go to for companionship and Greta is as crazy as a loon. (Isabelle Huppert)is Magnificent as the seriously damaged Greta. She really sinks her teeth into the role and makes you forget she's acting. Of course (Chloe Grace Moretz) and (Maika Monroe) hold there own as well!

    I didn't find it to be slow or boring at all. Every scene was important and the acting in itself…

  • Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary


    I liked the original better ,I found myself bored in the beginning .It wasn't very scary and Zelda who in my opinion was the scariest part of the original wasn't anywhere as effective in this version.
    They switched the characters fates up some to try and make it fresh but it just didn't do it for me. I'm sure if this was the only adaptation of the book I would have probably felt differently.

    The acting is good and it…

  • The Prodigy

    The Prodigy


    (The Prodigy) doesn't invent the wheel but it is an effective film about a sadistic child. With good performances and an interesting story about a reincarnated serial killer. It's reminsent of films like (The Omen) (Orphan) (The Bad Seed) etc but still manages to have it's own identity.

    I very much enjoyed it and even found a few scenes frightening. There is even a little bit of gore for us slasher lovers as well. I think it even merits a second viewing! Yes, people I say give it a go.

  • Room for Rent

    Room for Rent


    (Lin Shaye) is amazing in this thriller, she's really the only thing that keeps it afloat! The story was good enough albiet the unsatisfying ending but to be fair without Lin it could be mistaken for just another lifetime network thriller.

    There are a couple of mystery aspects but nothing gasp worthy. Although it is entertaining and I enjoyed it. It really is worth the rental just to see how brilliant Ms Shaye is and the many emotions she can evoke on film.