Minari ★★★★

At first, I was almost mistaken in thinking that Minari would portray its characters in predictive stereotypical fashion, but it surprised me.

When they introduced the old veteran farmer, I assumed he might've been a little sly towards foreigners. But to the contrary, he was shown to be a religious, kind and genuine person. A man that turned his life around long ago and found a newfound purpose.
And when the grandma arrived I expected a traditional Korean elder who would be shown to be quiet, reserved, set in her ways, and possibly a little strict. But she was none of those things. Instead, grandma proved to be the highlight of the film, with her playful charm and a young-at-heart spirit. Just what the family needed to break the serious mood.
But it's the seven year old child actor that managed to steal the screen for the better part of the film. He's sweet and natural, and some of his actions reminded my wife and I of how our own son acts and behaves on some occasions (but not the part where he pees in grandma's soup!)

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