Baby Driver ★★★★½

As a huge fan of Edgar Wright's films, it was fun to see many of his shots and trademarks from his other films, in a film that feels like an evolution for him. Sure there are funny moments in this, but Baby Driver isn't an Edgar Wright comedy, it's a melding of his style and the type of 70's heist car chase film they don't really make anymore. It's wholly his, a vision that could come from no one else but him. After this movie I had a boundless amount of energy, and felt dangerous as I drove back from the movies, wanting nothing more than to do donuts and complicated handbrake turns while listening to my favorite music. The way that Edgar Wright weaves the sound of the world and the matching of action with his nonstop soundtrack is breathtaking, and the movie just flows so beautifully and uniquely that you don't realize how much you were lost in its rhythm until the movie is done. I was originally going to give this four stars, but as I sat on its unexpected turns, its inventiveness, the throwbacks to Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the music video that started it all
which is on the tv at one point, I just fell more and more under its spell and can't wait to rewatch it.
Also everyone should be doing sign language with subtitles in films, it's fun to watch.

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