Southland Tales ★★★½

Southland Tales is the movie Mulholland Drive would have been if David Lynch had fallen headfirst down several flights of stairs before he started writing the script. The film is effectively a collection of stupid ideas and really bad writing carved out into a movie. The most hilarious thing about is that it somehow plots a course through the bullshit to the point where all the stupid crap actually becomes the entire raison d'etre for the film. It is strangely entertaining. The film manages a number of arresting images and nods to pop culture, though nothing about it is truly outstanding. I found that I enjoyed it more when I stopped thinking about what (if anything) the film was trying to say and just started laughing at each scene individually. If this was honestly an attempt to make a serious movie then it is hugely embarrassing for everyone involved; but if this is actually some kind of satire on smart cinema then it might some kind of masterpiece. Maybe. I did have a lot of fun watching it, so there's that.

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