Thunderball ★★★½

Fourth Bond outing begins with a scene that sees our hero kill a man in drag before escaping using a jet pack. That pretty much sets the scene for this bloated and uneven offering, which sees the superspy in the Bahamas trying to locate some stolen nuclear warheads. After a brief excursion in Goldfinger, we are back to the main SPECTRE plot with the main villain ("number two") portrayed by the great Adolfo Celi. There's definitely some good ideas here - the sharks are a welcome inclusion, the underwater cinematography looks great and there's some decent action scenes, including one that sees a car blown up by a motorbike. The whole thing really just feels too bloated - it's over two hours long, meanders frequently and seems to take an eternity to get anywhere. The grand finale - a big underwater fight scene between two sets of frogmen - feels extremely dragged out. Luciana Paluzzi and Claudine Auger co star - so there's wonder Bond is hornier than ever in this one! Thunderball is not terrible overall but does feel disappointing - especially given the excellent second and third parts.

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