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  • Cure



    Week #1 of Criterion Challenge 2022

    Released in 1997, Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Cure is a beautifully crafted, ominous, gruesome yet quaint serial killer / police procedural film. What really stands out with Cure above all its strengths – performances, script, visuals, and story – is its unsettling stillness. There are no cheap gimmicky scares that are found throughout the film and it’s such a great example of suspenseful, horror cinema that takes a non-traditional methodology.

    This first time viewing left me…

  • To Sir, with Love

    To Sir, with Love


    Rest in Peace Sidney Poitier (1927-2022)

    What a titanic icon Sidney Poitier was, not just to cinema throughout the latter half of the previous century but upon the African American community from the turmoil of the civil rights movement onwards. Last year I watched Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s No Way Out, Poitier’s screen debut released in 1950 and it was incredible to see just how raw the man was in his first film and it seemed to set in motion decades…

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  • Unforgiven



     September Movie Challenge: #2- Unforgiven (1992)

    "I ain't like that no more. I ain't the same, Ned. Claudia, she straightened me up, cleared me of drinkin' whiskey and all." - William Munny to Ned

    "Unforgiven", to keep it nice and short is an absolute masterpiece.The performances are absolutely fantastic and the star power in the film is almost unparalleled. Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackmann and Richard Harris are absolutely amazing in their roles. Eastwood in particular, captures the essence…

  • Ratatouille



    How does Pixar revive itself after the oddity that is Cars? Well, they bring back Brad Bird!

    "Ratatouille" tells the story of a rat named Remy who has the dreams of becoming a cook after he receives inspiration from Gusteau. His hopes and dreams are fulfilled when he makes his way to Gusteau's restaurant where he partners up with the heir to Gusteau's restaurant to cook.

    Simply said, this is one of Pixar's finest. The story is heartwarming, inspirational, memorable,…