Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★

Monster Hunter really frustrated me because with just a few slight changes, this could have been a really solid video game movie. Its biggest issue is having Milla Jovovich as the film's protagonist. Her story is cookie-cutter and she brings as much enthusiasm to the role as a cardboard box.

Tony Jaa's character is closer in line to the world of Monster Hunter, and has a more compelling/mysterious backstory. If director Paul W.S. Anderson had just shifted the POV of the story to Jaa instead of Jovovich, it would have been much more entertaining. The entire film could have stayed the exact same, except cut out the military sequence and follow Jaa when he shoots the sand monster instead of Jovovich.

Also, the pacing in this film is god awful. The first third is brisk and action-packed; really setting the stage for a solid popcorn flick. The second act however is so long and drawn out that I was just waiting for it to be over. Way too many jokes about Jaa not understanding English and not enough exploring the world of Monster Hunter. Then just when they start to bring in more lore and action in the third act, it's over in a flash. I get setting up for sequels, but maybe don't leave your film ending on the climax!

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