Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

Zack Snyder creates an interesting addition to the Zombie genre thanks to his world building of (somewhat) unique attributes such as Alpha Zombies, animal zombies, "coyotes" that bring people into the zombie containment zone for heists and a nefarious desire to control the virus.

However, these successful qualities are mitigated by an overly long run time, character tropes that are two-dimensional at best, and a father/daughter dynamic which seems to speak to the deeper (and quite understandable) issues held by the director. In the context of the narrative though, these moments between Dave Bautista's Scott and Ella Purnell's Kate drag the story to a stand still.

The action beats and set pieces are well done as Snyder knows how to film exciting moments. Tig Nataro rocks as quite the character and Dave Bautista continues to be worthy of his A-List status.

Army of the Dead is a fun entry into the zombie genre, but also one that won't be terribly memorable after the credits roll.


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