Scalps ★★★★

Shout-out to composers Drew Neumann & Eric Rasmussen because, without their doom-laden synth score, the lengthy build-up in this strange desert horror movie would be really boring. Six "college kids", played by men and women who all look well into their thirties, go camping in the middle of nowhere and absolutely fuck-all happens for ages, and then eventually they die. Fortunately, it seems that someone realised that there was a problem, and so filmed a bunch of inserts of grotesque, murderous Red Indians after principal filming, and cut them in at random moments to let us know that something eeeevil is afoot. And you know what? It actually works. Almost as hideous are the frequent scenes of inept day-for-night photography: you really shouldn't let sunlight appear in shot if something's supposed to be happening at night-time, but never mind eh. It's a shame that veteran horror magazine editor Forrest J Ackerman is given an acting role, because he's terrible, but on the other hand he just adds to the weirdo vibe of the whole thing, and weirdo vibe is what this movie thrives upon.

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