Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★

SUICIDE SQUAD is a super "hero" movie directed by that guy that directed Fury which was a good movie.
Featuring a bunch of supervillains that no one knows unless you have read every comic book ever made, and Harley Quinn and kind of The Joker.
El Diablo was pretty cool once you get into his character a bit. As far as everyone else goes, you don't need to know who they are. Viola Davis is going to vaguely tell the audience that every one of them is a scumbag.
So, let's talk plot. This Suicide Squad of assholes is being formed for... Some reason that hasn't happened yet, I think. And then it happens, and ta-da, the group is assembled already to save the day. Kind of, because they are bad guys.
I have to say, it was cool to see Will Smith in a movie that doesn't feel like a Will Smith movie. And while he certainly does a good job in this role, he doesn't take over the movie. Neither does Margot Robbie who is also really good. And while those may be the "lead" roles, a lot of the characters seem pretty fairly balanced. For the most part. As a fan of the Batman universe, I would have loved a good Killer Croc back story or something other than he's really ugly.
"No, I'm beautiful", Croc replied with a razor-tooth smile.

Don't get your hopes up expecting some grand jaw dropping scenes with our new Joker, Jared Leto.
I love Jared Leto. When they announced that he was The Joker, I said that's was the best casting choice ever. I'm excited to see his portrayal in future installments to DCs universe, because there was not enough of him to determine a real opinion right now.

So there's some pretty cool stuff that goes on with Suicide Squad. At the same time, its clear that the show runners think we as the audience are stupid and need to explain things so obviously. And other times, there's not enough. Not in a way that will get you confused, but in a way that I wish hey would go into more detail.

Not a bad movie, but Suicide Squad was inconsistent, kind of a mess, but a lot of fun. Sometimes you just need to have fun.
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Haaaaaaa.......