The Favourite ★★★½

I like going into every film I watch with as little information as possible. So, I didn't know much about The Favourite going in except that it was made by one of my favourite directors Yorgos Lathimos

I was pleasantly surprised by the chemistry that the talented trifecta of actresses, Emma Stone, Olivia Colman, and Rachel Weisz brought to the table in this absurd comedy/drama.

It's so funny seeing 18th-century characters speaking nonstop profanities, and I was surprised that I heard so many laughs in a theatre filled with prominently older people.

It is evident that this film is not written by Yorgos, with it being much more grounded compared to his other films. The pacing at the end of the film was pretty bad. With such a straightforward narrative I think they could have shaved down some runtime with its antics becoming repetitive.

I recommend watching The Favourite for its beautiful cinematography and charming characters!

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