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  • Curse of Chucky

    Curse of Chucky


    chucky somehow put the genie back in the bottle. this is a sleek, meat and potatoes slasher that returns to "seriousness" in a way that doesn't compromise (much) on the camp, plus there's a great little family drama running in the background. fiona dourif kills it.

    update: lmao i just re-read my original review

  • Suspiria



    My boy wrote a great essay about the communal experience of watching schlocky horror movies together on Discord—an activity we've enjoyed for years that has taken on new relevance amidst the pandemic. He also touches on the Letterboxd community and captures why I think this site is the best social media network out there.

    Give it a read below, it's not long!

    Mastering the group-watch with cheap horror flicks

    You can find him on Letterboxd and Twitter.

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  • Pretty Woman

    Pretty Woman


    this is the most Reaganite movie ive ever seen

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    Very good. Forced maybe, but humanistic.

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  • From Beyond

    From Beyond


    Goopy ---------------------+---------------------- Sterile

  • Resident Evil

    Resident Evil


    me, watching a movie with horrible cgi, cheap sets, and a nu-metal score: they just dont make pictures like this anymore.