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  • Gloria



    I definitely felt a lot of similarities with Leon watching this, but then that isnt a bad thing. Gloria takes no prisoners and gives no fucks. A woman who has profited from being on the right side of the mob, and now finding herself accidentally on the wrong side. Gena Rowlands owns every inch of this film, using every inch of her gritty knowhow to try and save the little boy she has been saddled with while the whole mob…

  • Frankenstein



    Another classic monster movie now so often parodied, it's the default image of Frankenstein's monster. Like Bela Lugosi as Dracula, Boris Karloff owns the role of the monster. His facial expressions, his body movement, it's an amazing performance for one without any words. It does veer away a little from the source, but it has become iconic in it's own right with some truly stunningly composed shots and scenes. The man and the little girl is truly haunting.

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  • Oliver & Company

    Oliver & Company


    The Big Disney Challenge 27/56

    This seems to be a very unpopular one for a lot of Disney fans, but I always loved it as a kid, had a book version etc. One of those I was a little concerned would have lost its shine over the years. Surprisingly though, I probably enjoyed it more.

    Negatives first, my only copy of this was a horrendous pirate VHS so I always thought that despite enjoying it, it was quite ugly and…

  • Witness for the Prosecution

    Witness for the Prosecution


    Every time I watch a courtroom drama, I say that "its not really my genre but I enjoyed this one!" Yes every time. Maybe I do like them! And this is probably the best yet.

    I love Agatha Christie. Miss Marple and Poirot single handedly made me an absolute sucker for a whodunit. But this is different in the sense that the focus is on the legal aspect of the whodunit, rather than the investigation. Twisty, absorbing, Billy Wilder is very easily creeping up my list of favourite filmmakers. Brilliantly written and performed, its stellar stuff from start to finish.