Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust ★★★½

Spooky Scary Horrorthons 4 - Film #16

Cannibal Holocaust was a hell of a ride. A disgusting, questionable, angering and tiring ride at most times, but it sure as hell wasn't a boring ride at any point.

Taking the found footage concept and using it to it's fullest and most haunting potential, we are following two groups into the Amazon jungle. The first group are not that bad all things considered, they are just trying to return some footage from the other group. When we get to follow the other group in a series of found footage segments, that's when the horror aspect of the film begins. This other crew is a horid mishmash of sociopathic indifference and greed. As they murder and rape their way through the innocent natives inhabiting the jungles, just for the chance of fame and glory, it is not really possible to feel any sympathy for them as they get torn to pieces in the gruesome finale, it is actually scary just how justifable their fates end up feeling to the viewer.

Even though gruesome gore effects and inhuman actions are found in this movie a lot, the greatest horror of the film does come from the very real killing of animals throughout the film. Utterly pointless and sadistic, there is no excuse for them. It is undoubtedly a good thing that some later releases of the film included an option to view the film without those scenes,

Weren't it for the ruthless murder of animals and some rather shoddy-looking scenes in New York (not helped by some sub-par acting) this would be a really solid film that I could see myself calling a favorite but as it stands I can't bring myself to call it anything too great. It is a sick ride, so much that it brings itself down a bit in the process, but that is surely evidence that when it gets something right it gets it horribly right.

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