Harakiri ★★★★★

Exctiting. Entertaining. Stunning. Thrilling. Intense. Absorbing. Tragic. Sad. Poetic. Funny. Brutal. Bitter-sweet. Surprising. Imaginative. Clever. Suspensefull. Masterpiece.

Usually I find these kind of older films kind of a drag, and even though I'm able to recognize the skill that went into the filmmaking I'm usually not blown away. That was not the case with Harakiri. It actully holds up incredibly well to the standards of todays fast-moving and highly stimulating films. The script is great, it keeps you guessing trough the entire film. Tatsuya Nakadai is great in the leading role, and it's easy to root for his character. The cinematography is great, and really innovative and progressive for its time with great use of camera movement and framing that I haven't seen done as well in any other film from this era. And the directing is the cherry on top, with every scene being staged to perfection.

This film is a true masterpiece, which has stood the test of time exceptionally well and probably forever will.

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