Beanpole ★★★★

It's beautiful and touching and well thought out art house cinema. The cast clings to life with a raw sense of integrity. Curiously hopeful, desperately forbidden to find it among the wreckage of personal trauma. So much of the film's idea's are done quietly through haunting visual work. An unassuming and submitted creation between cinematographer Kseniya Sereda and production designer Sergey Ivanov. Shaping a subconscious palate of longing for youth. Searching for a new beginning with a broad range of greens woven into the frame. While also contrasting these themes with shades of red to give her suffering back bone. Creating a connection with the audience while pealing back the layers of her crumbling emotions. It’s a story I could connect with fundamentally, but struggled a bit intellectually. I can only assume the language barrier and culture shifts were the culprit.

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