Skater Girl

Skater Girl ★★★½

10 year old daughter loved it. Four year old daughter sat with her jaw in her lap for 90 minutes. And my youngest, the two year old daughter, was leaping off the couch, jumping over my legs, rolling over her siblings and laughing all while glued to the kids skating on tv. My son (8) was already teaching her how to do an Ollie by the time the film was over. It was a terrible train wreck every time. But danged if she didn’t get back up and try again 50 times. Thought I was going to pass out with so many trips off the couch listening to her, “again Daddy, again!” - love it.

The film is a feel good warmer. Having the conviction to pursue your dream despite everything telling you“you can’t”. Nothing stands out artistically but there’s a genuine sense of hope. And encouragement in seeing others shine around you.

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