We Need to Talk About Kevin

We Need to Talk About Kevin ★★★★★

I'm not sure how to summarize what I just witnessed. It's quite an unsettling experience. The real challenge lies not in finding an answer to tough questions but finding the right question to ask at all. 

Lynne Ramsey is quite the visionary, harnessing all of the mediums power for building a stunning story with powerful efficient imagery. If I could buy stock I'd jump in both feet and blind folded because her's is going to the moon. Normally something that's edited and presented with such a jagged narrative doesn't connect well, at least for me. But their is a purpose for every image. Each has some level impact both with in the overall story arc and as a stand alone segment of images with in each character arc. The sub layered weaving of meanings can look out of place at times if not the majority. Then you hear the thud at the bottom of your heart and realize everything fits perfectly and you've been led precisely where she intended all along. Uncomfortable with what we can't control, sad and sick to our stomach with an unanswerable question. 

I understand the nature versus nurture question is a big debate and this doesn't try to manipulate one side or the other. One of the narratives greatest strengths. Making the lack of any exposition an addition by subtraction. Every time something like this happens it's one of, if not the most asked questions. Why would a person do such a horrible thing? But the beauty in Lynne's art is not just the images themselves or the emotional dents she leaves in our psyche. It's the endurance of such an image to persist long after the lights have come back on. She is taking us deep to the root cause of the issue itself. How does such a monster ever get created? Can anything be done about it if we knew? If that's not a horror story I don't know what is.

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