Silence ★★★★★

Personally, this may be the heaviest movie I have ever watched and may be the movie with the most tangible emotion. It was devastating and hard to watch but I also think it contains so much historical significance and so many philosophical/religious questions that make you question everything that really intrigued me. Andrew Garfield is simply incredible, his performance surpassing that even in Hacksaw Ridge and The Social Network. And even the more minor characters like Kichijiro just play such important roles that elevate the story and were part of provoking such powerful emotion. Seeing that the movie was almost 3 hours I thought I would dread the length but I at all times felt connected to the story and was anxious to see the characters’ perseverance. I think my great great fondness of this movie may not be widespread amongst everyone however, in my opinion, this is simply a beautifully directed, beautifully acted movie that should not be this unheard of.

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