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  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid


    As the diary of a wimpy kid connoisseur that I am, I was deeply disappointed by this motion picture.  

    I am thankful that it was mercifully short, but this movie is literally just a washed down edition of the first novel, if even that since it changes so much.

    They have the opportunity to make an adaptation out of every book, and yes I will watch all of them

    4/10 - 2021 Ranked

    I’m nearly done school bois I’m so close

  • Zodiac



    Hey everyone I have no review for this besides the fact this movie is still the best one… ever

    I actually think this film is comprised of two different films. There is a noticeable shift from the first half and the second, which, I think really works because they compliment eachother perfectly. 

    Anyways. My friend AsdfBatman has a podcast (which I am on) and I think everyone should support it or perish. It’s very fun and you all should listen to an episode or two… or all of them


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