Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

The trailer was a little gem and such effective use of Kenny Rogers' classic song "The Gambler." A few early moments recapture some of that energy and attitude with "Suspicious Minds" and "Viva Las Vegas" on the soundtrack. That slow-motion title sequence teases a film that we'll hopefully get once the already confirmed prequel arrives.

Another horror flick weighted down by stock unlikable characters and a post-apocalyptic vibe. Not sure why the stylistic approach made it also feel like I was watching this on a smartphone. Once again the videogame aesthetic trumps what should have been a visual treat. I wanted more of the eye candy that we get in the title sequence, which reminded me of Snyder's glorious Watchmen intro. Not a total waste for action horror fans, but I'm mostly disappointed and there was no damn reason for this to be 2.5 hours. And fast rampant CG zombies still aren't as fun as what Romero and Fulci would have given us; I don't care if they're smarter. 5.2/10

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