Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

Call me by your name is a spectacular film that is just stunning and so much more than what I could have ever expected. Luca Guadagnino manages to present this beautiful coming of age tale in a way that doesn't isolate anyone who can't relate to the content and instead boils it down to a simple idea that is far more accessible bringing this film to a much broader audience. He also manages to strike the balance between real and subjective pov so masterfully making the film feel real but unique, which a lot of filmmakers struggle with. In my opinion, you can't just present what's in the frame, you need to use the tools disposed to present it in the best way to convey the idea. Call me by your name is a masterfully crafted film that is wholly unique and beautifully presents its content in such a masterful way, simply through the characters face, expression, and eyes we can truly understand this deep and rich character like very few films have done before.

Inevitably this film will be compared to moonlight and to me I thought moonlight was really well crafted but I struggled to relate and failed to truly get invested in that story. Call me by your name gets you invested in the story and manages to be better crafted than moonlight, bringing a unique feel and tone to the film that transcends realism while still feeling grounded in reality.