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This review may contain spoilers.

"The Favourite" is an unusual period dark comedy film directed by Yorgos Lantimos. It wouldn't be a Yorgos Lantimos film, if it was usual, would it be? If you watched Lantimos' previous films, you would know how eccentric his films are and you would have probably gotten used to his style.

The movie focuses on courtly love triangle and courtly drama in the early 18th century of England. The frail queen Anne, portrayed by Olivia Colman, is close friends with Lady Sarah who does all the things Anne is supposed to do. New servant Abigail, who is a cousin of Lady Sarah, arrives at court and she just tries to find a place for herself which would make her a lady, not a servant. Innocent Abigail, witnesses how close Queen Anne and Sarah really are and she seems shocked. Day by day, Abigail sets the bar higher and replaces Sarah by beguiling the Queen affectionately and verbally. Innocent Abigail turns into a schemer and becomes Lady Sarah's downfall. However, she then would realize how naïve she really is when it comes to real power play and she should have never underestimated Queen Anne in spite of Queen's fragility because once a Queen, always a Queen.

The movie uses rabbits as symbolic metaphors. Abigail makes herself seem likeable by deceiving Queen Anne that she likes rabbits. When Queen Anne realizes Abigail doesn't like rabbits and would go to lengths to harm them, she treats her like a servant again. So, Abigal turns into a rabbit. She becomes Queen's servant and pet no matter what. Personally, I like movies with metaphors so I can think about those metaphors after a movie ends. That's why I like Lanthimos' films. Compared to his previous works, I found this film softer and lighter. He worked with Yorgos Mavropsaridis as an editor just like in his previous projects. These 2 Yorgos keep doing great job together.

Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone deliver excellent performances. Especially, Emma Stone is nothing like you have seen her before. It is like her acting has even evolved more. She has outdone herself. I don't know whose acting I like more because I liked them all. Their acting were in harmony with each other all the time so it is safe to say one of them will grab an Oscar.

The movie's production design and costume design are marvellous. The designs has fun period vibes. I think, all outfits reflect the characters' personality so well.

"The Favourite", with 10 Oscar nominations, is one of my favourite Oscar movies this year. Will it succeed to be ultimate favourite of 2019 Oscars?

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