Donnie Brasco ★★★★★

I've had many people disagree with me on this but I hold Donnie Brasco up at the same level that I hold the Godfather. A gangster movie that is worthy of being held alongside it. The fact that it is mostly real life events makes the story even more hard hitting however I am aware the reality of a story doesn't make it a good film. What makes this an amazing film is the cast, script, direction and complete creation of 1970's America. Newell does a fantastic job in creating and filming this world.

However, Pacino and Depp as the joint leads of this movie are unstoppable. One of the best performances from Depp ever and one of the best older Pacino movies. The two making a formidable acting force whose chemistry is amazing, again rare to see such a connection on the screen. Heche as Depps lonely wife pulls at every heart string as you feel every ounce of hurt and emptiness she feels. Unbelievable this this film got no Oscar nods at all back in 97. One of my film favourites and well worth your time.

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