Ready Player One ★★★★

Rarely have I had this much fun in the cinema. This is not one of the best films you will see this year, but if you're a fanboy/girl, geek, nerd, film enthusiast, gamer... Whatever you call yourself, you know what category I'm talking about, if that's you then you will have a ball. I spent the first ten minutes or so trying to point out every little detail I could see, but quickly gave up. Spielberg has created such an immense world of pop culture you can't keep up with them all! It's an absolute treat that I know many of us will enjoy at home on its release and we will all be pressing pause... A lot!

The story plays out like a simple adventure game, having to get, three keys to win the quest, whereas in the real world there is real danger too. There's nothing to over think and very little to complain about. It's good fun. All the performances are OK, no one stands out as amazing. Very rarely does it slip into melodrama and everyone keeps the sense of adventure going.

The soundtrack, like the visuals is a homage treat sprinkled with some of the great scores of the last thirty or more years. Not only that but some killer pop tracks too. A soundtrack I will enjoy owning. You can see, hear and feel how much fun Spielberg had with this movie.

On a side note. Portions of the real world were shot in my home city of Birmingham in England. I loved getting a chance to see some of the skyline of the city I love on the big screen. We have some iconic shaped buildings that made it onto the cinema. I get chills when I see the skyline when I return home and it was great personally for me to see it on the big screen. Thanks Spielberg, some of the best fun had in the cinema for a long time.

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